Fix Hammertoe Foot Deformity


The best way to mitigate the pain resulting from rigid toe joints is to fix the hammertoe foot deformity with AMI-HAMMERTOE™. Rigid toe joints occur when the joints in the toes become stiff and immobile. If you have hammertoe with rigid toe joints, and non-surgical treatments such as wearing special shoes or orthotics, doing exercises, or taking medications have not provided relief, then it may be time to consider hammertoe corrective surgery. The surgery can help to straighten the affected toe, relieve pain, and restore function to the toe.

How To Fix Hammertoe Foot Deformity: AMI-HAMMERTOE™

AMI-HAMMERTOE™ surgery is an outpatient procedure and only needs minimal healing time. Dr. K uses minimally invasive surgery to remove small pieces of bone to help straighten the toes. Surgery helps get rid of the pain and enables you to resume regular activity. 

When Is It Time To Get Surgery?

Hammertoes happen when one or more of the small toes develops a bend and curl under. The toes look like a hammer or claw. Hammertoes may become sore and difficult to move. Dr.K can examine your toes and take an X-ray to see what’s going on inside your foot. There are two types of hammer toes, flexible and rigid. A flexible hammer toe can be straightened by your fingers and may not cause pain. If left untreated, a flexible hammer toe’s tendons can tighten, the joint may become misaligned and the toe can turn rigid. You cannot move a rigid hammer toe. The condition can cause discomfort, pain, and difficulty with walking and wearing shoes.

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