Brachymetatarsia Pain Relief Solution


Here at the Khosroabadi Institute, our most effective Brachymetatarsia pain relief solution (for patients who qualify) is our “Short Toe Surgery.” Short Toe (Brachymetatarsia) is when one or more bones in the foot stop growing too early, while the other toes keep growing (mostly around 7-8 years old). For the most part, this is a genetic disorder, but may also be caused by an injury or infection. Short Toe usually happens to the fourth toe bone of one foot or both feet. This can be painful when you’re walking because the other bones (toes) are holding more weight than usual. Most patients experience discomfort in shoes.

Feel Better With Short Toe Surgery

Below is a review from Short Toe surgery recipient, Dorinda H. Read more patient reviews here.

“I have lived with this condition (Brachymetatarsia) for 40 years and it has been a thorn in my side on not only a physical level but also an emotional one. This condition has been very limiting and has dictated a lot of how I have gone about living my life – I am happy to say, thanks to Dr. Khosroabadi, this is no longer the case. I am living pain-free physically as well as emotionally! Because of the amazing, cutting-edge surgical advancements he has made in the field, Dr. Khosroabadi has become a respected leader in the medical community – he is the best! Twenty years ago, this perfected type of surgery was not available. I personally thank God for Dr. Khosroabadi, for his wonderful skills, dedication, and compassion for his patients which really emanates from him down to his caring staff.”

Getting Started: The Two Options

If Dr. K decides that a patient is a good candidate for the first type of surgery, he makes a small incision and attaches a bone-stretching device (external fixator) to the short toe bone. Over the next few weeks, the patient gradually and painlessly turns the external fixator (at home) until the toe is gently stretched to the appropriate length.
This works much like braces do when they slowly straighten crooked teeth. This method gives the patient more control of how much he/she can lengthen the bone. During this time period, the patient can stand on their foot with crutches.

If Dr. K decides that the patient is a good candidate for the second type of surgery (one stage bone graft lengthening), he makes a slightly bigger incision, cuts the toe bone in half and places an appropriate size bone graft in between the two halves of the toe bone.

After a few weeks, the bone graft heals and becomes part of the toe bone. This method requires a surgeon, like Dr. K, who is extremely experienced because all the lengthening is done at once and cannot be changed after surgery.

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