Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi
World renowned foot surgeon helping patients find relief from all types of foot pain.

Since 2010, Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi has volunteered his time and expertise to the essential non-profit organization Healing the Children (HTC). Medical volunteers with HTC work in hundreds of countries worldwide to assess patients, provide much-needed ankle and foot surgery, and train local medical professionals in advanced techniques. 

As a project team leader with the Southern California HTC branch, Dr. K. helps coordinate other medical volunteers to raise funds, secure donated equipment and medical supplies, and travel onsite for days at a time to heal children. These professionals cover all their individual expenses for travel, lodging, and other incidentals.

Healing the Children of Nepal With Proper Foot Care

One primary destination for Dr. K. and other members of the SoCal team is Nepal. Nepal has an extremely high rate of clubfoot deformity, with nearly 800 babies born with this condition each year. These deformities are painful and drastically limit the child's mobility and independence. The HTC medical volunteers use various techniques to help as many as 20 children per visit. 

One of the more effective treatments is the Ponseti Method, which can help to correct a baby's club feet through gradual manipulation and casting. It’s a non-surgical, relatively painless procedure with great results. Imagine the joy as these children begin to walk easily on their own two feet for the very first time!