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Why Ponseti Method Treatment Should Begin as Soon as Possible 

Clubfoot treatment should start as soon as possible, ideally within seven to 10 days of your child’s birth. While this may sound rather soon, babies’ bones, ligaments, and tendons are extremely soft and pliable, allowing for gentle, gradual, and pain-free realignment.  

The Ponseti Method has two phases: treatment and maintenance. 

Treatment Phase – Casting  

During the treatment phase, Dr. K gently moves the baby’s foot (or feet) toward the correct position and holds it in place with a tiny plaster cast. Affected feet are repositioned 10 to 15 degrees and recast every five to seven days, allowing the bones, tendons, and ligaments to reshape over time. 

Most infants need a series of five to six casts. However, babies with very stiff clubfoot may require up to nine. Before the final cast, up to 70 percent of pediatric patients treated with this technique must undergo a brief surgical procedure to lengthen the Achilles tendon. The simple and painless procedure takes just 10 minutes and is performed with a local anesthetic. The last cast in the treatment phase stays on longer than the others – two and a half to three weeks – to give the tendon time to heal to the proper length. 

Maintenance Phase – Bracing  

The maintenance phase begins the same day the last cast comes off to ensure that the flexible bones, tendons, and ligaments permanently settle into the correct position. During this phase, infants wear a tiny foot brace for 23 hours a day for approximately three months. 

Specially designed to avoid interfering with babies’ developmental milestones, the brace features small shoes attached to adjustable footplates, connected by a length-variable aluminum bar in the middle. While babies may be initially frustrated with the inability to kick their legs independently, they quickly learn to kick them simultaneously. 

The Ponseti Method is effective in 95 percent of patients. Dr. K can discuss more invasive surgical options as a last resort. 

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Dr. K is an internationally celebrated foot and ankle surgeon at the forefront of podiatry dedicated to providing care that restores mobility and improves quality of life. 

He uses the Ponseti Method with infants, as well as with toddlers and older children who either didn’t receive clubfoot treatment or for whom previous interventions were unsuccessful. For adults with clubfoot, Dr. K specializes in the Ilizarov Method. 

Whether your developing baby was diagnosed with clubfoot via ultrasound, your infant was born with clubfoot, or you’re an adult needing clubfoot correction, you can count on the Khosroabadi Institute and Dr. K for world-class care.