Foot Surgery With Minimal Recovery Time


Our practice specializes in foot surgery with minimal recovery time. We are able to offer minimal recovery time for procedures like bunion removal, bunionette treatment, and hammertoe correction, because of our trademarked, minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Meet Dr. Khosroabadi (Dr.K), founder of the Khosroabadi Institute, world-renowned foot and ankle surgeon, and creator of the AMI-foot procedures. Most notably, Dr. K developed and perfected Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery to help his patients heal quicker. This specialized surgery leaves little, if any, scars on the outside of the foot and inside of the foot. Most patients experience less pain and swelling. In addition, Dr. K’s trademarked minimally invasive AMI-BUNIONETTE™ surgery is usually outpatient surgery, so you don’t have to stay overnight in a hospital. Finally, hammertoe correction is a minimally invasive surgery to remove small pieces of bone to help straighten the toes. Dr. K’s hammer toe surgery is an outpatient procedure and only needs minimal healing time.

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