How To Fix Hammertoe


If you’re experiencing pain due to your toes unnaturally curling under, then you’re probably asking your doctor how to fix hammertoe. There are two kinds of hammertoes, flexible and rigid. Flexible toe joints can usually be moved back and forth. Rigid toe joints cannot be straightened, may be painful, and will interfere with walking.

Is Surgery Required To Fix Hammertoe?

Not always. However, if you have severe hammer toes, you made need to have surgery to fix the tendons and straighten the toes. Surgery helps get rid of the pain and enables you to resume regular activity. The good news is hammertoe surgery is an outpatient procedure and requires minimal healing time. Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi (Dr. K) can perform advanced minimally invasive hammer toe correction to fix flexible toe joints. Dr. K uses minimally invasive surgery to remove small pieces of bone to help straighten the toes.

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