Ilizarov Method Adult Foot Deformity Treatment


If you’re an adult suffering from severe clubfoot, then consider the Ilizarov Method adult foot deformity treatment as an option. Sometimes clubfoot goes untreated during childhood and even adulthood. It is also possible that adults with clubfoot got improper treatment when they were young. Adults with clubfoot appear to be walking on their ankles or on the sides of their feet. Clubfoot makes it impossible to buy normal shoes or walk without difficulty. This is because people with clubfoot find that their foot never flatly touches the ground. While the Ponseti method is recommended for babies and children, the Ilizarov Method works best for adults.

What Is The Ilizarov Method?

In the Ilizarov method, wires are placed through bone of the clubfoot and attached to an external fixator, which is slowly adjusted at home by the patient after receiving instructions from the doctor.

The process is sort of like braces moving the teeth into alignment. The external fixator, which is attached to the leg, gradually moves the bones inside the clubfoot to the correct position.

This external fixator normally stays on clubfoot for about 5-6 months. When the external fixator is removed surgically, a surgeon puts a below-knee cast on the patient’s foot for about 2-3 months to hold the corrected foot in place.

Although the external fixator is somewhat cumbersome at first, it has resulted in straightening clubfeet for adults and sparing them a lifetime of deformity.

The Ilizarov method is a great alternative to other types of surgery for adult clubfoot, which can cause nerve and blood vessel damage.

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If you or someone you know is suffering from adult clubfoot, there is help available. You need not go through life with this disability with today’s technology and medical care.

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