Life-Changing Bunion Removal


Dr.K’s AMI-BUNION™ procedure is a minimally invasive, life-changing bunion removal surgery. With this type of surgery, Dr. K makes a very small 5 mm incision on the side of the big toe. The results from our AMI-BUNION™ are superior and our procedure is True Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery.

Latest 5-Star Review: Life-Changing Bunion Removal

Received an amazing review of Dr Khosroabadi from a friend who is a dancer and had bunions on both feet that Dr K took care of and she couldn’t have been happier with the results.  As a runner and triathlete, I’d postponed bunion surgery for 15 years until it was too painful to continue. I’d had previous consults and it was all the same procedure where they opened up your foot and sawed off the bone – none of the doctors were optimistic about my ability to run at the same extent post surgery.  

To make a long story short, awesome experience with Dr K and his team – 2 toes needed cuts, screws and a pin. I was able to walk with a special shoe and went to back within a few days after surgery. Surgery was on November 6 and I ran a half marathon on April 25! Super pleased and I highly recommend Dr K – it was worth the 15 year wait to have it done by Dr K – really life changing!

Bill B., Yelp

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