Short Toe Bone Lengthening Procedure


Dr.Khosroabadi is one of the few surgeons in the country equipped to perform a short toe bone lengthening procedure. Short toe, aka Brachymetatarsia, is when one of the five toe bones stops growing too soon. When that bone is too short, so is the toe. This condition usually happens in both feet, and mostly on the fourth toe, even though it can affect other bones/toes. Brachymetatarsia is mostly caused by genetic predisposition, but can also be caused by trauma or infection. 

What Is The Short Toe Lengthening Procedure?

The short toe lengthening procedure (one-stage bone graft lengthening), involves making a slightly bigger incision compared to external fixator lengthening and cutting the short toe bone in half. Afterward, Dr.K places an appropriate-sized bone graft in between the two halves of the toe bone. After a few weeks, the bone graft heals and becomes part of the toe bone. This method requires a surgeon, like Dr. K, who is extremely experienced because all the lengthening is done at once and cannot be changed after surgery.

Which Short Toe Treatment Is Best For Me?

Dr. K has performed hundreds of toe lengthening surgeries. This is where Dr. K’s experience is so valuable. He will examine the patient and choose the best method, according to the patient’s condition. Schedule a consultation today by calling 877-FOOT-911 or visiting here.