Short Toe Foot Pain Treatment


Brachymetatarsia, aka Short Toe, can cause the other bones (toes) to hold more weight than usual, which can result in many patients looking for a short toe foot pain treatment. In some cases, short toe can be fixed altogether via two surgical options.

Short Toe Treatment Options

To fix this condition, Dr. Khosroabadi (Dr. K) surgically places a small device on the toe bone. This allows a patient to lengthen their toe bone very slowly by turning a screw at home (these adjustments are usually painless). Another option is when Dr. K cuts the toe bone half and inserts a graft between the two halves of the toe bone. After a few weeks, the bone graft heals and becomes part of the original toe bone.

Short Toe Treatment Success Story

A Roller Coaster Experience

My experience with brachymetetarsia, this was a roller coaster experience non the less I don’t regret anything and I’m so thankful I got the chance to be part of this journey. After the first day of surgery was not pleasant. It’s ok because you know the out come of your dreams coming true. After a couple days you start to notice change with your feet. Once a day slowly turning the device to make your bone grow. Then slowly within months you’re able to apply pressure on your feet and you feel much better knowing you’re able to start taking baby steps. Always keep your feet clean to prevent any infections. Be very careful that you don’t bump or hurt your foot. If you feel it very swollen elevate your feet and the swelling will start heeling. I’m so happy with my results and definitely recommend this surgery for the person wishing to have nice feet.

-Kelly, Short Toe Lengthening Success Story

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