Treating Severe Bunionette


If Tailor’s Bunion is causing severe pain, then AMI-BUNIONETTE™ may be your best option for treating severe bunionette. This is a minimally invasive surgical treatment and is also an outpatient procedure. The AMI-BUNIONETTE™ treatment involves Dr.K making a small (5mm) incision to remove the bony bump, then smoothing the bone edges, and fixing the alignment of the bone inside the foot.

Causes of Severe Bunionette

Bunionette is caused by a misalignment of the metatarsal bone in the foot. It can be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight, or that have a narrow toe box, which can put pressure on the joint and cause it to become misaligned. It can also be caused by genetics, or by having an abnormal foot structure. Severe bunionette is indicated by foot pain that cannot be managed via special shoes, inserts, or medication.


As a first step, Dr. K can examine your foot and take X-rays to see the extent of the problem inside your foot. Dr. K can also inject corticosteroids to help bring down any inflammation and pain associated with your Tailor’s Bunion. Schedule a consultation today by calling 877-FOOT-911 or visiting here.