Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi
World renowned foot surgeon helping patients find relief from all types of foot pain.

Advanced Bunion Removal Technique: How AMI-BUNION® Works

Dr. K. makes a small incision—usually 5–10 mm—and relocates the big toe bone to realign the joint and correct this deformity. Dr. K may also reposition the surrounding tendons and ligaments to provide more stability to the alignment. 

After your surgery, you’ll be taken to a recovery room. Once your vital signs—blood pressure, pulse, breathing—are stable, you can go home. Because the incision is so small, there’s minimal pain, swelling, and scarring after surgery. Almost all patients walk without crutches after the procedure, with some patients returning to work in as little as one week. Overall recovery time is approximately two-to-four weeks. 

Curious as to how AMI-BUNION® might work for you? Review these before and after bunion removal pictures of patients’ successful treatment, then arrange for a consultation so Dr. K. can assess your condition and answer any questions you might have.