Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi
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Successful Brachymetatarsia Surgery Testimonials

It’s often helpful to learn how other people finally resolved their short toe problems with the advanced care provided by Dr. K. and his team at Khosroabadi Institute. Here are just a few patients happy to be free of pain.  

“I lived with this condition (brachymetatarsia) for 40 years and it was a thorn in my side—on not only a physical level but also an emotional one. I am happy to say, thanks to Dr. Khosroabadi, this is no longer the case. I personally thank God for Dr. Khosroabadi, for his wonderful skills, dedication, and compassion for his patients which really emanates from him down to his caring staff.” ~ Dorinda H. 

“I had surgery with another doctor for brachymetatarsia. This doctor put in bone grafts in both feet to do the lengthening. This helped one foot, but failed on the other. My sister saw Dr. K. on ‘The Doctors’ and called me—she said I had to see this segment with Dr. K. I was amazed to see the procedure he used to treat this condition. I immediately called Dr. K’s office and made an appointment. There have been problems with lengthening the bone only because of the other doctor’s previous work. But he never gave up, and I finally did get some length to the bone. I wish I had known about Dr. K. in the beginning—he's caring, patient, and wants to do the best for his patients.” ~ R.C. 

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