bunion surgery AC"I have been wanting to get bunion surgery for the last 4 years as they got worse and worse. The first podiatrist I saw in 2010 just made me some expensive orthotics that did nothing for me. As they began to hinder my walking and gradually became painful, I started my extensive research for the right surgeon. Prior to seeing Dr. K, I was diagnosed by another doctor that indicated that there was no way I would qualify for a minimally invasive type of surgery and that I would require the "traditional type" surgery which requires wearing a cast and being immobile for 2-3 months.

That was not what I was looking for. Luckily I saw Dr. K's presentation on TV and decided to go and see him. He was very upfront with me and gave me all the details of his "minimally invasive type" bunionectomy. He even gave me his cell phone number so I could text him in any time of need because my surgery was on a Friday. Now what doctor does that these days. I was using the crutches the hospital gave me for the first 3 days and just basically wore the surgical shoes for 4 weeks after which the K-wires were removed. Dr. K even arranged to have a machine delivered to my home to ice my foot for two weeks. Now I am 8 weeks post op and feeling great! We have already decided on a surgery date for my left foot!"